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August 19, 2012
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      Today was one day you couldn't afford to sleep in. Today was your best friend, Sollux Captor's, birthday! As you had promised earlier in the year, you'd come to his house so that you could cook him a nice, homemade breakfast.
      You had jumped on the opportunity when it arose, seeing as you had been trying to get Sollux off of his computer more. It's not like he was being completely anti-social, but he was getting there. You were more of a tomboy, wanting only to be outside, or to be doing something. This often times bothered people. You were the type to fidget in a movie theater endlessly.
                                                              It's 8:45 a.m. Time to go!

You exit your old car. You didn't even really know what kind it was. It was some old fixer-upper that your dad seemed to take pride in seeing you ride. You didn't care how it looked, really. It worked, and it though it wasn't all one color, it wasn't rusty around the edges, either.
You are wearing some old baggy tee from one of your mom's 5k's, along with some jeans inherited from the same person. Nothing too fancy, but nothing you'd care about if you somehow got dirty cooking. That you didn't plan on doing, not today, anyways. You also hold a paper bag full of all of the stuff you'd need to cook. You didn't want to raid his fridge in order to make him breakfast. That'd be rude of you.
Approaching the door, you notice lights on inside. You ponder this. Could Sollux have gotten up just to see you? Had he actually remembered you were coming?! You smile to yourself. You like this idea, but deep down you know it's not true. That'd be pretty unlike Sollux.
You knock on the door, and wait. Holding the bag in front of you, you look around the neighborhood you paid practically no attention to while driving through it. It seemed nice and quiet. An old man hobbled out to his mail box, no doubt in search of the newspaper.
You look back at the door. No one came to open it. You shrug, and try the door knob. It opens. You pull the door open, and enter. Oh flying freaking Oreo's. This would be awkward.
Much to your own fantasy, Sollux's small home was actually pretty clean, cleaner than your's, anyways, and there were only two problems. One, Sollux had one hell of a messy computer desk, and two, there you were, not even noticed by the guy.
Sollux sat at his computer desk, not even looking at you. He typed vigorously, though, so he was in fact still alive. Eyes glued to the screen, and some sort of headset on his head, and seemed to be rather absorbed in what he was doing. You swallow your ample supply of questions. You say, "Hey, Sollux." No response.
You grit your teeth. Wow. This was why you'd agreed to do this. Anti-social. Yep. For sure. You creep around the house, trying to stay out of his line of vision. You aren't very good at this, but what the hay. Hay is for horses. Why not try?
You're soon behind Sollux, holding your breath in anticipation. You slowly lower your hands, and begin to remove the headset from his head. Sollux let's out a half-laugh-half-sigh. "____, I knew you came in." He's talking a little louder than normal, so you continue to remove his headset, now faster. He turns around his chair- spins, really, it was a spinning chair- and faces you, resting his elbow on the only clean spot on his computer desk.
He breaks the silence. "Now, what the hell are you doing in my houth again?" You grin. Waving your arms about, you say loudly, "HAPPY BIRTHDAY SOLLUX!!" You look back at his face, and see nothing but irritation. He looks away from you. You can clearly see his one green and one brown eyes. He wasn't wearing any of his weird nerdy glasses right now. His hair was all wonky, too. Sticking out here and there. Clearly signs he'd been up all night.  He talks again. "Glad you chose a meaningleth day to come and thee me, real nice, ____. Why not come back tomorrow, inthtead?" You smile on the inside. His lisp was adorable, in a sisterly way adorable, you mean. On the outside, you frown your duck out of the ceiling. Which there was no duck in the ceiling.
You put your hands on your hips- you signature defiant position- and frown even more. "What do you mean, a meaningless day?! Today's your birthday, Sollux. Don't be such a negative Nellie." He pinches the bridge of his nose between his fingers, like his head hurts. "____, tell me, why are you actually here?" You grab the side of the chair and spin it. Sollux goes around in the chair, circling for a while. "Don't you remember? I promised to make you a special birthday breakfast today!"
The chair stops spinning. You notice Sollux looked a bit scared. "____", he says. "Everyone knowth you can't cook anything." You laugh. "Oh, how I practiced cooking for this one day, Mr. Captor! You shall now be my first test subject! Come hither, birthday boy!" You grab the back of his chair, and roll it into the kitchen.
Stopping at the island in the kitchen, you swoop over to the door, retrieving your paper bag. Pulling out an apron, you look back at Sollux. Now, instead of looking mostly scared, he looked a little pleased. Good. Everyone should like your cooking. If they didn't you'd cram it down their freaking esophagi with a spatula.
You head to the small kitchen with your bag. Time to get crackin'.

35 Minutes Later -Time to Eat!

You set down the plate of french toast between you and Sollux. Though slightly burnt around the edges, it was by far one of your better batches. You can't help but smile proudly at the breakfast food. You slide over to your bag again, and rummage around a bit. You had brought candles and some honey, since syrup only worked with pancakes, and knew it would do the trick. Sollux loved honey, even those gross honey stick things from your local organic grocery store.
You rummage a bit, but don't see the honey. "Shit!" You curse out loud, then clamp your hand over your mouth. Now wasn't the time for profanities. "____?" Sollux seemed to hear you, and looked over. He hadn't sat there the whole time while you cooked- you forced him to go shower- but he probably would have otherwise.
You smile a little awkwardly. "Uh, sorry Sollux, I think I forgot the honey..." He blinks. Moving out of his computer chair, he moves over to one of the cabinets. Opening it, you see a whole array of things. Sollux reached for some weird clear plastic condiment bottle. It looked golden on the inside, but who knew? Maybe it was some kind of rare horseradish. Pulling out the bottle, he turned back to you.
He began to hand it to you but stopped. You frown. "Sollux?" He smiled a little. "I have the honey, ____, but here, let me help a little." You turn your frown upside down in a moment, and nod. You're really glad he is actually visibly glad you came, now. Maybe you'd be allowed to do this again next year? But then again, you didn't really ask for permission to come today.
You look back at Sollux. He had some sort of smirk on his face. He still was holding the bottle of honey, but had tipped it upside down, and was now putting some on his index finger. He set down the bottle, and by now you were really confused. What the hell was he doing? The honey was for the french toast, wasn't it?
"Sollux?" He smiles, looking up at you. He hooks his not honey-fied hand around your waist, and pulls you close to him. You gape. Sollux seems to know you would, and spreads honey on your lower lip with his finger.
"____," says Sollux. He doesn't say anything else before laying his lips on yours. It was a sweet kiss, but then again, no shit it was sweet. You had honey on your lips. You kiss back, but honey is sticky, and you find it relatively hard to. You try anyways.
Before long, Sollux breaks the kiss. He has a smile on his face. Ruffling your hair a bit, he just says "Thankth, ____, but leth jutht have that be your gift instead." You swear he could probably hear how loud your heart was beating right now. What just happened? "Sollux, what the hell  's this supposed to mean?" He smirks, and then he actually reaches for one of your french toasts. "I think it says enough on it's own." Taking a bite of it, you watch and cross your arms. You grab the bottle of honey, and the corner of the toast. You scribble a small heart on it, and then squirt a bit of honey on Sollux's nose. You grin.

"Happy Birthday, Sollux!"
Bluh. This took way longer than I wanted it to. Do you know how long it takes me to write this crap when my family is around? A long time. A VERY long time. This one was a bit of a challenge, since it was on another device of mine before I transfered it to my computer, and now to here.

Hope you like it. :iconbowplz:
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"Doctor, is Sollux gonna be ok?"
'No, He has had food poisoning. It will take months from him to recover.'
~Le nother timekip~
*Weeping* WHY DID YOU HAVE TO EAT MY TOAST SOL Marluxia Faint 
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My actual reaction ...
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